NewsBlur has a free and open API that all of the native mobile apps and website are built on. But the API is not just for official apps. Numerous third-party developers have built apps on the API and today I’m proud to announce a new native iOS app has launched with NewsBlur support.

Unread, by Jared Sinclair, is a unique RSS reader, with a focus on simplicity and cleanliness. Sinclair built Unread because he wanted to see a different kind of reading experience, one where he could focus more on reading well written stories than consuming lots of content. Unread app has a different feel than any other news reader I’ve seen and I think many of the choices made by Sinclair work in a quiet harmony.

In Sinclair’s own words:

Most RSS apps are patterned after email. Noisy parades of dots, dates, and tags trample over their screens. Their source lists look like overflowing inboxes instead of stately tables of contents. Toolbars bristling with options obscure the text. Putting it bluntly, using these apps feels like work.

NewsBlur’s native iOS app certainly does fit this description. And if you want an incredibly well-made alternative, look no further than Unread, available on the App Store.