You’ve been bugging us for two years about it, and now it’s finally here: NewsBlur’s expansion to mobile is complete, with our first-ever official Android app ready and waiting for your device. Thanks to the gifts of money and time from Y Combinator and the programming prowess of Papermill creator Ryan Bateman (otherwise known as @secretsquirrel), you can now join your iOS brethren on the couch with your daily dose of RSS goodness. Level of accompanying smugness is up to you.


The Android app has all the features of the iOS app, including:

  • All your sites, folders, and friends’ blurblogs
  • Speedy downloading of sites and general alacrity of use
  • The ability to share and comment on stories on your blurblog
  • Direct imports from Google Reader: download the app without ever having to hit the Web to set up an account
  • Follow new people, read their shares, and generally expand your knowledge, worldview, and personal magnetism

Plus, it has that delicious Android flavor, with half the calories.

Download the official NewsBlur Android app. Tell your friends! Tip your waitstaff. Try the veal. Floss twice a day. Call your mom, she misses you.

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