Now that NewsBlur has joined the wonderful world of Android, we’re turning our attention back to the iOS app, with a full-scale feature parity push for the new iPhone 5 and iOS 6. It’s perfect for catching up on your reading when you realize that Apple Maps has sent you to the wrong address. Again.


We’ve tried to incorporate as many of your suggestions as possible, and here are some of the new features you’ll find:

  • Collapsible folders: Check out folders one at a time (and save your scrolling fingers some work)
  • Saved stories: Access all your saved stories from the Web or other devices, and save other stories for later
  • Mark stories as unread: For that fresh new-story feeling
  • Send stories to Instapaper for reading later, or e-mail them to your friends/enemies
  • Share stories on Twitter and Facebook, and crush social-media naysayers who think you’re just telling people what you ate for breakfast
  • New app-wide menus: An interface almost as stylish as your new device, and far less vulnerable to breakage and theft
  • Bug fixes, improvements, speed-ups, fine-tuning, and other things that aren’t particularly noticeable (but done because we love you)

Check out the update, and be sure to let us know if anything isn’t working the way it should. And Android folks, don’t feel left out; an update with bug fixes is in the pipeline, so stay tuned (and thanks for the feedback!).

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