Apple’s latest operating system for iOS is a departure from their old aesthetic. So I’ve decided to give the NewsBlur iOS app a slightly new look. But even more than how the app looks is how the app works. Tons of new features made it into this mega-release.

  • Entire interface has been redesigned for iOS 7.
  • Gestures galore: mark stories as read/unread, save stories, mark feeds as read, train feeds.
  • Long press a feed or folder to choose a mark as read date: 1 day, 3 days, 7 days, 14 days. Works offline, too!
  • Long press a story title to send it to a third-party read later service.
  • New view layout for iPad: move story titles to the bottom in portrait.
  • Significantly improved scrolling speeds on the feed list and story list.
  • You can now unread stories that were read while offline.
  • Faster marking of folders as read.
  • Fixed numerous bugs related to reading stories while offline.

The iPad app also has a new view for extra-wide reading while in portrait orientation.

I hope you enjoy this latest update. And stay tuned for the next update coming soon which will include even more iOS 7 features: Dynamic Text Size and Background Updates. The NewsBlur iOS app is and will always be free.