NewsBlur is more than just a website. It’s a daily link to the far away world. This t-shirt captures the essence of NewsBlur’s appeal. For those days when you’re planing adventures and reading about what’s happening where you’re not, NewsBlur is your guide.

Buy the 2014 NewsBlur t-shirt for only $16.30.

Unlike Teespring’s preview, the graphics on this t-shirt are crisp. And this t-shirt is being sold at cost. Also know that this is a premium blend t-shirt. That means it’s a bit stretchy and will make you look pretty good in a t-shirt. It will look great today and for years to come. Well, at least one year to come. If you wear this t-shirt as often as I’m planning to, it may only get a couple good years and then will have to come out only for special events. But then 2015’s NewsBlur t-shirt will be there for you.

This year’s t-shirt is designed by Meg Robichaud.