This week’s update to the official NewsBlur iOS app brings a whole lot of oft-requested features and improvements. Here’s what’s new this month:

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  • iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are now fully supported
  • iOS 8 is also now fully supported (as well as iOS 7)
  • Moving between the feed list, story list, and story detail is now much faster
  • Images are now “full bleed”, extending to the entire width of the screen
  • New preference for hiding feeds after they are read
  • Long press images in a story to read the alt text
  • Long press images in a story to save it to your camera roll
  • Long press images in a story to zoom into it
  • Long press links in a story to get an actions menu (safari, instapaper, bookmark, etc)
  • Fixed all iOS 8 issues (preference panes, profile popovers)
  • OvershareKit updated for iOS 8
  • Pull to refresh updated to match theme
  • Pull to refresh date is now localized

Next to come will be a native iOS share dialog, saved story tag editing, search, and possibly some features requested by users like you. If you have a feature request, post it as an idea on the NewsBlur forum on Get Satisfaction.