Today we have a nice update, version 9.0, of the Android app that includes a rewrite of the story management backend as well as fixes for some critical display issues.

Here’s the full list of changes for version 9.0:

  • Fixes black background for stories while reading with the Light theme.
  • Total rewrite of the backend story management platform. This fixes the oldest issues known in story paging and scroll state. The story rivers should now act like dynamic views instead of static lists.
  • New feature: renaming feeds directly in the app.
  • Improved messaging and display behavior for the original text view.
  • Fixes for the dark theme’s menu color.
  • Many other bug fixes and performance tweaks.

I’d also like to introduce our newest developer, Caleb Allen.

Caleb will be working on the Android app. Our Android developer Daniel spent the last 5 years with us working many, many versions of the NewsBlur app. I want to thank Daniel for his years of service and we wish him well on his next adventure. And here’s hoping for many fruitful years with Caleb!