A whopper of a release with many, many new features!

  • Autoscroll: Read long stories hands-free
  • Full screen: Reading stories without the toolbar for a better experience
  • Longer story titles: New options for longer and shorter story title and content previews in the story titles list
  • Smaller image previews: New option for smaller image previews in the story titles list
  • Show story changes: All stories with edits now show a “Show Changes” button at the top that lets you see the differences
  • Return to last read story: When you return to the app, you will start where you left off
  • Return to last read scroll position: When you return to a story, you will automatically scroll to where you left off

Take a look at some of the image and story title customizations you can now make:

There’s also many smaller fixes that improve the polish of the app:

  • If you had a slow connection, some stories would take a while to draw while images were downloaded. Now they show immediately
  • Support for larger iPad Pros
  • Suport for iOS 13
  • Fixes for split mode on iPad
  • Fixes for marking stories as read while scrolling the story titles list
  • Fixes for navigating stories with an external keyboard
  • Fixes for scroll performance on the feed list and the story titles list
  • Fixes for sharing stories accidentally having double titles in emails and messages

Thanks to David Sinclair for putting together this release. Keep up the great work! And if you have ideas for what you’d like to see in the next NewsBlur iOS release, please, please, please submit them to the forum.