NewsBlur has an amazingly active third-party app community, thanks to the well documented NewsBlur API. Today I’d like to introduce you to two new apps built by developers on the NewsBlur API.

Hypersonic for Windows 10 & Windows Phone

Hypersonic is clean, simple, beautiful, and designed to run across both mobile and desktop devices.

Add My Feed for iOS

Add My Feed is an extension allowing you to effortlessly add RSS feeds to your online reader of choice.

When you encounter a site you would like to subscribe to, simply tap the Add My Feed extension and you’re done !

Add My Feed works in Safari and in any app supporting the standard iOS share sheet.

Both of these apps and many more are on the Goodies & Mobile Apps dialog. If you’ve developed an app for NewsBlur and would like to add it to Goodies (and have it blogged about here), let me know!