This is it, the final countdown!

Tonight at 8pm PT the Turn Touch campaign will end and the project will be successfully funded. Judging from the $50,000 raised already, I think Turn Touch has a long life ahead of it.

Watch the 2 minute demo on Vimeo

Apart from being the only remote control in the world built for a news reader, Turn Touch is the handiest shortcut for your lights, music, and apps. It’s basically a customizable remote with a knack for smart homes.

Supporting Turn Touch is a way of supporting NewsBlur. They are part of the same suite of productivity tools made by the same person. By buying a Turn Touch and backing this Kickstarter, you’re continuing to fund the development of great tools.

So please head to Kickstarter and buy yourself the $59 mahogany remote, even if you do not yet have any smart home devices. This remote is the easiest way to start connecting your home.