When you’re reading a story and want to save a portion of it for personal use, you now have a couple new options. Highlighting is now available for all stories. Simply select the text you want to highlight and NewsBlur helpfully shows a tooltip that allows you to select a part of the text and save it.

You can enrich your reading experience with highlights and come back to passages you want to remember. All stories with highlights are tagged as “Highlights” in your Saved Story tags list. That way you can immediately come back to your highlights.

Second, you can now also write private notes to yourself. If you’re doing research and want to remember why a particular story is being saved, the private notes text box can save your thoughts without having to share them with the world.

A few other small changes have been added to this feature. You can also save stories and tag them from any website using the bookmarklet (which you can install under Manage > Goodies > Bookmarklet).

Lots to love in this release! Keep posting good ideas to the forum.